Counseling Program

Ursuline Academy is dedicated to the development of the whole child and offers a Counseling Program at all grade levels to help our students reach their fullest potential socially, academically, and emotionally. Within an atmosphere of trust, warmth, and acceptance, our counseling staff works with students in a variety of ways to promote self-reflection, self-confidence, and goal setting, which lays the foundation for a lifetime of healthy relationships, positive choices, and solid career paths.

Our Counseling Program serves as a resource to students, parents, and faculty alike. Students are encouraged to visit their counselor as needed, but all students are required to visit with their counselor at some point in the school year. Additional services available to your child and family through our Lower School Counselor include short-term individual counseling, group counseling, consultation with parents, liaison between the school and any necessary outside services, and case management of accommodations for students with identified learning differences.

Early Childhood
As a student in the Early Childhood program, your child participates in monthly classroom visits with our School Counselor to engage in activities that focus on identifying feelings and expression, celebrating self and others, and working collaboratively with others at school and in the community. These visits help your child identify positive choices at an early age and provide an opportunity for your child to know their Counselor and their role within Ursuline Academy.

Primary (Grades 1 – 3)
As a student in the Lower School’s Primary Program, your child engages in monthly classroom visits with the School Counselor that reinforce skills taught in Early Childhood, as well as focus on applying effective conflict resolution skills and building leadership skills to increase collaboration and cooperation with others in school and the community. Through these activities, your child increases self-awareness and understanding of how personal actions affect the people around them, which builds a strong social consciousness.

Intermediate (Grades 4 – 5)
Our School Counseling Curriculum at the Intermediate Level teaches positive relationships, effective communication skills, and valuable coping skills for stress management. Our School Counselor teaches these skills and more during classroom lessons and voluntary lunchtime activities. Our fifth grade students participate in “Shake It Up Lunches” throughout the year which provide them the opportunity to sit with different people during lunchtime. This activity  promotes inclusion and provides the students an opportunity to initiate new friendships. Upon entering Middle School, our students have a solid understanding of self and how they can positively relate to others, which increases social success and healthy relationships in adulthood.