Discovery Classroom

To increase scientific, artistic, and practical skill development, Ursuline Academy provides your child hands-on exploration through our Discovery Classroom, featuring a kitchen, dramatic play area, SMART Table®, and other activity centers that change throughout the year. Hands-on exploration not only provides an outlet for your child’s natural curiosity and physical energy, but also increases fine motor skills and confidence in independent learning. By cooking with their teachers, performing an original play for classmates, and taking a closer look at natural artifacts, your child experiences learning through expression and activity, which increases self-confidence and academic skill development.
Our Early Childhood teachers incorporate cooking as part of the classroom curriculum allowing students to work on counting and early math skills, including concepts such as four tablespoons equals ¼ cup, and develop fine motor skills, including cracking an egg, opening a jar, and stirring ingredients. Our kitchen classroom also introduces our students to basic chemistry concepts, as they watch what happens when ingredients interact with each other and how heat changes material composition. Combining tenets of Serviam with skills from the Discovery Classroom’s Kitchen, our Pre-K students prepare delicious desserts for Wilmington’s Emmanuel Dining Room, which helps your child experience firsthand the joy that comes from giving.

Our theater play area encourages creative expression as our students show their musical talents, act out dramatic plays, or simply harness the fun interactions they have with each other at this early age. Other activity centers include a sensory station, light table, and building area, which encourage investigation, experimentation, and learning through self-discovery and play. By providing our students a place of their own to learn, play, and explore, we create positive associations between physical activity and academic achievement, making our school a place where your child wants to come, stay, and grow.