Our Lower School Drama Program introduces the magic of theatre to our students in a fun and engaging atmosphere by incorporating music and dance into performance. By familiarizing your child with the wide range of performing arts at a young age, our teachers unlock untapped creative potential and help your child build new brain pathways, which enhances learning across all subjects. Through structured theatre instruction and free play, our classrooms become a stage for your child to develop a strong sense of self-awareness and self-confidence in an educational setting through singing, dancing, and dramatic expression. Our Program provides children with a window into stories, real or imagined, that offer lessons into their own lives, increasing their emotional intelligence.

Drama education in the Lower School is offered through our Special Subject offerings and also serves as a classroom instructional technique across a range of academic areas. For example, our teachers use role play and dramatic presentations to help students understand a historical figure’s point of view in Social Studies or retain key information about a literature character in Language Arts. These techniques also help your child develop a deeper sense of empathy for others, including people in other parts of the world through our Global Education Curriculum.

Our Fine Arts Department coordinates musical and dramatic productions throughout the year for a variety of audiences, including our school community, family, and friends. Our hallmark Lower School theatre experience is the 3rd Grade Play where students choose and perform a theatrical production, which includes complex dance routines, memorized song lyrics and lines, and dramatic timing. Students perform in front of friends and family, which increases their confidence in and enthusiasm for public speaking and presentations.