Global Education Curriculum

As a member of Ursuline Educational Services (UES), a network of more than 100 Ursuline Schools spanning the globe, Ursuline Academy of Wilmington instills a sense of global citizenship in your Lower School student through our academic curriculum and special events during the year.

Our Lower School Global Education Curriculum, in conjunction with our World Language Program, focuses on increasing your child’s awareness of news and cultural events in other parts of the world and how they affect their peers living in those areas. Your child gains an increased sense of partnership and empathy for people in places much different from home, which instills an understanding of our global society at a young age and increases interest in political science and world events.

In our Primary grades, our teachers incorporate global lessons into familiar events, such as Christmas celebrations, and introduce geography from the perspective of children who live in the countries being studied. Christmas Around the World has become an integral part of our Lower School celebration with students decorating trees in the colors and customs of different countries while learning about the history of Christmas traditions in Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. Our students also use Skype™ to speak with and learn from family members of classmates and Ursuline Students in other parts of the world. By integrating core cultural traditions and technology into your child’s study of our global society, the curriculum not only grabs their interest, but brings social studies to life.

In our Intermediate grades, your child builds on the geographic and cultural foundation set in grades 1 – 3 and advances in the understanding and exploration of global studies through fun academic competition and further core curriculum integration. Our teachers prepare your child for participation in the annual National Geographic Geography Bee through a comprehensive study of location, climate, culture, economy, and landforms of various countries on all seven continents. Learning about geography for participation in the Bee encourages active involvement in the social studies content and gives your child a chance to exercise budding public speaking skills. Your child will also gain global perspective through literature-based activities in our Language Arts classes by incorporating technology such as Google Earth®, maps, and educational websites to depict different aspects of foreign countries. Your child emerges from our Lower School Global Education Curriculum with an appreciation for the cultures and traditions of people throughout the world and an extraordinary global perspective unique to an Ursuline Education.