Global Education Curriculum

As a member of Ursuline Educational Services (UES), a network of more than 100 Ursuline schools spanning the globe, Ursuline Academy of Wilmington instills a sense of global citizenship and participation in you as a Middle School student through our academic curriculum and special events throughout the year.

Our Middle School Global Education Curriculum continues to expand your world view and builds more partnerships and friendships with other Ursuline students here in the United States and beyond. In addition to your expanded exposure to different languages and cultures through our World Language curriculum and world events through your Social Studies courses, you connect with Ursuline students who are just like you both throughout the country and on the other side of the world. By seeing events and traditions through their eyes, you gain a more diverse perspective on everything from natural disasters to political events to holiday celebrations.

For example, as a Middle School Social Studies student, you use Skype® to reach out to students and teachers in Ursuline’s international schools in places such as England, France, Brazil, and South Africa, among many others, to discuss historical events that affected their country and ours. Gaining a foreign perspective helps you understand at a young age the variety of factors that lead to many of the world’s most significant events and the importance of peacekeeping in the political process. You also have many opportunities to work closely with our domestic Ursuline schools on projects both in and out of the classroom, which expands both your circle of friends and strengthens the Ursuline network for the benefit of all of our students and teachers.