Global Education Curriculum

As a member of Ursuline Educational Services (UES), a network of more than 100 Ursuline schools spanning the globe, Ursuline Academy of Wilmington instills a sense of global citizenship and participation in you as an Upper School student through our academic curriculum, interactions with Ursuline students domestically and abroad, and special events throughout the year.

Our Upper School Global Education curriculum encourages student growth and achievement in global awareness and citizenship through activities, events, programs, and services that embrace and promote multicultural views and perspectives. In addition to our extensive World Language curriculum, you expand your world view through virtual interactions and face-to-face visits with your Ursuline peers throughout the world through exchange programs, summer study abroad programs, athletic competitions, and network student leadership conferences, among others (click for more info). By engaging with your Ursuline sister schools, you build partnerships that directly benefit our school community in Wilmington and grow friendships and networks that help you build connections in college, industry, and adulthood.

Ursuline Wilmington is an active member of the Global Network of Ursuline Schools and continuously engages with other Ursuline Schools to organize projects that enhance student learning. Last year, our students worked on a World War II study with Ursuline students at our sister school in France comparing and contrasting the different countries’ perspectives of war-time media and reporting. The project allowed students to build visual presentations based on primary sources from both countries and gave both groups the opportunity to see the world event through a different set of eyes. To implement cross-school learning sessions, global connections are made through the use of videoconferencing tools, Skype® sessions, and online collaboration, which further enhances our legacy as an award-winning technology school. Our faculty and administration also prioritize the establishment of connections with faculty and students in partner schools to develop creative plans for collaborative learning to connect students across schools in identified areas. As we continue to expand the Academy’s Global Education Curriculum, our primary focus remains on developing interactive experiences to enhance student learning and preparing you for active participation in today’s global society.