Global Education Overview

As a member of the Global Network of Ursuline Schools representing more than 100 Ursuline schools throughout the world, Ursuline Academy of Wilmington instills a sense of global citizenship and participation in all of our students and faculty through our academic curriculum, exchanges with schools domestically and abroad, and special events throughout the year.

At all grade levels, our students cultivate and expand their own global perspective through course selections, including our World Languages and Social Studies curriculum, and through activities and events linking them with their peers across the globe. By offering many unique opportunities to engage with people, ideas, and issues beyond the borders of our state and country, we foster a deep sense of social consciousness integral to our Serviam mission and instill greater levels of confidence, empathy, and humility in each of our students.

In our Lower School Global Education Curriculum, our teachers guide students to understand the importance of good global citizenship and respect for each other’s differences while fostering their budding leadership skills. From lessons about St. Angela Merici in our Early Childhood classrooms to Skyping® with Ursuline classmates halfway across the world in our Lower School, our students develop a genuine enthusiasm and appreciation for new cultures and traditions and increases interest in political science and world events at a young age.

With advanced technological resources through our award-winning One-to-One Laptop Program, students in our Middle School Global Education Curriculum build academic partnerships and friendships with other Ursuline students here in the United States and beyond. With Skype® and other virtual communication tools, our students collaborate with their peers in places like England, France, Brazil, and South Africa to discuss historical events that affected their country and current events occurring in their backyard and ours.

Our Upper School Global Education Curriculum enhances the connections through virtual interactions and face-to-face visits with our students’ peers domestically and abroad through exchange programs, summer study abroad programs, athletic competitions, and network student leadership conferences, among others. By engaging with our Ursuline sister schools, our students develop friendships and networks that build valuable connections for extraordinary success in college, industry, and adulthood.

Our distinctive Global Education Curriculum works in tandem with our traditional, rigorous course of studies at all grade levels to prepare our students for the opportunities and challenges they meet as they enter our dynamic, interconnected world. By preparing our students with interactions unique to the Ursuline experience, our students develop an outward global perspective that heightens their sense of responsibility and perspective and deepens their commitment to Serviam for life.