Global Network of Ursuline Schools

Ursuline's Global Education Curriculum starts with our network of Ursuline Schools and Sisters throughout the United States and across the globe. You can find Ursuline Schools in Brazil, Canada, England, France, Peru, South Africa, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, Ohio, and Texas, just to name a few. This network, bound by its common values and Serviam mission, provides our students and families with unique learning and exchange opportunities that nurture an appreciation of and enthusiasm for the interdependency and diversity of the societies in which Ursuline Students and Sisters live and learn.
The benefits of the Global Network of Ursuline Schools continue to grow and currently include:

Student Exchange Programs
Our students have the unique opportunity to participate in domestic and international exchanges with other Ursuline Schools on an annual basis. Students from Ursuline Brazil visit our Academy and take part in academic and extracurricular activities with our students. As we continue to expand our exchange program, new opportunities are available to students each year, including plans for students from Ursuline Wilmington and students from Ursuline Dallas to participate in an exchange program.

Summer Study-Abroad Programs 
As an Upper School student, your daughter can join members of our staff and faculty on a summer trip abroad to places like England, South Africa, Peru, France, Ireland, and Brazil where she can visit our sister schools and experience the culture, history, and ideas of people and places beyond our borders. Staff and faculty develop new summer study-abroad trips annually and advertise extensively, sometimes years in advance, to ensure each student has the opportunity participate in the program of most interest to her. 

Athletic Competitions
With our nationally recognized athletics program, a visit to Ursuline Wilmington would not be complete without a friendly match-up between schools. As sports participation teaches cooperation and respect and unites girls of different backgrounds, the Ursuline network sponsors athletic competitions allowing our students to meet both on and off the field and learn about the ties that connect them. Annually, our varsity lacrosse team participates in the Sisters’ Lacrosse Tournament, which is hosted in a new city each year.

Student Leadership Conference
Each summer, student leaders from different Ursuline Schools join together for a week to celebrate their Ursuline heritage, attend leadership seminars, collaborate on plans for the upcoming school year, and create friendships with peers from near and far. The bonds of shared Ursuline values connect our students, which perpetuates the network and conference from one year to the next.

Other Network Benefits
The Global Network of Ursuline Schools provides unending academic and social opportunities for our students, and our administration and faculty continuously seek to develop and cultivate new network opportunities. Recently, our sophomore class joined students from the Academy of Mt. St. Ursula in New York and visited a session at the United Nations about the status of women in society, which was facilitated through Mt. St. Ursula’s special relationship with the governmental agency. In addition, our Upper School history students recently participated in an international project with one of our sister schools in France, comparing and contrasting both countries historical perspectives of World War II. Sharing global perspectives and enhancing the Ursuline experience through universal exposure expands our students’ world views beyond our borders and empowers them to make the world.