IPad® Initiative

Special thanks to the Ernest E. Stempel Foundation

During the 2013 – 2014 school year, the Early Childhood and Lower School received a very generous gift of 50 iPads®, protective covers, and a charging station. This donation brings the school to a total of 68 iPads®. This contribution allows us to have a classroom set on each floor, giving the teachers and our students greater access to them. It brings us much closer to our goal of having a set of iPads® for each grade. Our technology has significantly increased in recent years and our teachers have enthusiastically embraced SmartBoards® and iPads® and have integrated them into an already rigorous curriculum, making learning come alive in new and different ways for our students. Our deep gratitude goes to the Ernest E. Stempel Foundation and to Cal and Jen Stempel for this generous and impactful contribution.