Leadership Development

Ursuline Academy’s Middle School Leadership Development Curriculum is a cumulative program for our students in grades 6 – 8. In 6th grade, you participate in a Personal Development Program targeting the critical skills for authentic self-expression, self-awareness, and social relations. In 7th and 8th grade, you put your skills to the test while participating in our Leadership Seminars, which give you the opportunity to practice your new abilities in real life situations. With the combination of instruction and skill application, our Leadership Curriculum helps you develop the core gifts of personal strength, integrity, compassion, and ministry found in all Ursuline Leaders, laying the path for success in Upper School, college, and adulthood.

6th Grade Curriculum Overview 

Personal Development: Conflict Resolution, Communication, and Leadership Skills

As a 6th grade student, you participate in a Personal Development course organized into blocks teaching you how to skillfully resolve and respond to conflict, face mistakes, build emotional intelligence, and deal with distorted thinking. The curriculum provides you with the skills and tools necessary to meet the world with integrity, self-awareness, and personal authority through a foundation of empowered leadership that becomes a critical part of personal relationships both in and out of the classroom.

7th Grade Curriculum Overview 

Leadership Seminar: Putting Leadership Skills into Practice

Leadership is most effective when it is applied to roles beyond the classroom walls. The 7th grade Leadership Seminar takes the skills from the Personal Development course and expands your skill set to include project planning, evaluation, public speaking, and presentation. You also participate in a class-wide project based on a school or community need. This seminar session provides a basic framework for you to apply your leadership skills in real-life scenarios where you receive feedback from your teachers and peers in a classroom environment.

8th Grade Curriculum Overview 

Leadership Seminar: Personal and Team Goal Setting

As the final piece of our Middle School Leadership Curriculum, your 8th grade seminar takes your personal skill development and applies it to a variety of group settings and projects, which help you develop enhanced communication and project management skills. The course year starts with advanced standardized test preparation and culminates with the design, planning, and execution of a class service project in the Serviam tradition. By developing and managing a large-scale group project, you learn the importance of time and talent management, which helps you focus on identifying team members’ strengths and applying them in the most effective way possible. With the completion of our Middle School Leadership Program, our teachers prepare you to meet the academic and social challenges of high school with the grace, dignity, and distinction of an Ursuline Leader.