Legacy Program

The Ursuline Legacy Program recognizes families who make an Ursuline Education part of their family tradition. Generations of families have passed on the Ursuline tradition to their children and grandchildren on six continents. Ursuline Academy of Wilmington is part of a network of schools that share the same heritage and values throughout the world, and we want to honor this through our Legacy Program.

The program recognizes all new students who fulfill the admission criteria. Program participants receive a $1,500 Legacy Award for their first year of full-time enrollment (age three through 9th grade), or $500 for the first year of part-time enrollment for those students entering our Early Childhood Program (three and four year old half-day students). This one-time award is non-renewable, and is not considered merit scholarship or financial aid. Students must meet admission and legacy requirements and must enroll to qualify for the Legacy Award.
Graduates would include 3rd and 5th grade boys, as well as 12th grade girls.

If you are an Ursuline alumna or alumnus, or a parent of an alumna or alumnus, from any Ursuline school around the world, please fill out a Legacy Profile Form and your child or grandchild will be considered for eligibility in the Ursuline Legacy Program upon acceptance. If you have any questions, please contact the Admission Office at admissions@ursuline.org or 302.658.7158, ext 6210.