Ursuline Academy’s Music Program provides our students with an outstanding education in vocal and instrumental instruction and performance through a variety of unique and enriching opportunities starting at age 3. Our Fine Arts department not only cultivates the musical abilities of all of our students through interactive lessons and hands-on learning but also instills a deep cultural appreciation of music theory and history through classroom activities, enriching field trips, and special guests. Our Music Program guides our students through the basics of tempo, rhythm, and pitch to the dynamics of choral harmonies to the operations of band and instrumental ensembles to the process of recording, mixing, and sound production, all while fostering and furthering the abilities of some of the area’s greatest music talent. Most importantly, Ursuline’s Music Program exposes our learners to the world of music and sound in a way that fosters a deep love of the arts and reveals its sacred ability to heal and unite people throughout the world.