Our Early Childhood Music Program takes your child’s innate love of music and rhythm and builds a solid musical foundation through instruments, songs, and dance to nurture budding skills and abilities. Our Program extends beyond our formal Fine Arts class time and serves as an instructional fixture in all of our Early Childhood classrooms, as music helps our students build cognitive pathways in all academic areas. In fact, brain studies show the development of more neural connections in musicians than in those that do not receive music education.

The Early Childhood Music Program at Ursuline lays the groundwork for the development of your child’s creative abilities in our Pre-K and Montessori 3 and 4 programs. Through daily lessons and performance opportunities throughout the year, your child expresses creativity through dance, singing, and musical instrument play as they explore instruments from around the world, including maracas, drums, xylophones, and flutes, developing music appreciation and enhanced brain perception at a young age. By the end of the year, your child knows the four families of instruments – woodwind, brass, percussion, and string - and has experience with a vast array of musical genres, including classical, folk, contemporary, and liturgical songs.

As a Kindergartener or Montessori 5 student, your child expands their creative abilities and musical practice through participation in four different school performances. Formal music instruction includes a progressive introduction of various instruments, including Suzuki instruments, which facilitates musical comprehension and performance abilities in your young beginner. Our students also expand their musical vocabulary to include basic comprehension of harmony, tone, notes, and related melodic components. Our performance schedule culminates at the end of the school year when your child performs a 30-minute concert featuring singing, dancing, and instrumental performances on Recorder and Xylophone, which establish greater fine motor coordination and improve handwriting skills. These performances provide your child the unique opportunity to present their musical abilities for an audience, which increase your child’s poise, self-confidence, and public speaking skills.