The motto of all Ursuline schools is Serviam, Latin for “I will serve,” which has been celebrated at Ursuline in Wilmington for more than 120 years. Students at all grade levels help carry on the long legacy of community service that has made us an integral piece of Wilmington’s landscape and has helped our students and graduates live in the spirit of St. Angela Merici. Learn more about Serviam.

By experiencing firsthand the positive effects of giving selflessly in service to others and seeing the smile of someone who was in need, Serviam becomes part of the social and spiritual fabric of every Ursuline student. Our teachers convey lessons and stories of service in our classrooms, and Serviam gives our students the opportunity to embody this integral Christian value in everyday settings and at special events. As our students help children in a community program, serve food at a local shelter, or build a home for a family in need, they develop an appreciation for their role in God’s community and experience the ultimate benefit of giving without taking – true happiness. The importance of living Serviam stays with each of our students long after they leave our buildings and translates into a lifetime of community service and volunteerism to the benefit of countless people in need.

Examples of how our Lower School and Middle School students fulfill the Serviam tradition include organizing fundraising or gift drives throughout the year for various nonprofits or participating in local events benefitting charities. In the Upper School, students are required to complete at least 80 hours of service by the end of their sophomore year, and members of the National Honor Society, during their junior and senior years, perform an additional 50 hours of service per academic year.