Based on the life and lessons of St. Angela Merici, the motto of all Ursuline Schools is Serviam, Latin for “I will serve,” which has been a cornerstone of Ursuline of Wilmington since 1893. By focusing on the sacred nature of each student’s special graces and talents, your child learns the importance of their role in God’s community and in service to others through Serviam, which increases empathy and social consciousness at an early age.

Our Early Childhood teachers foster a strong sense of generosity and respect for others in the spirit of Serviam by promoting God’s love through our warm and nurturing classroom environments. By greeting each day with prayer and love, our teachers instill in your child a spiritual foundation that will only grow in time at Ursuline. By understanding and appreciating the gifts God has given them, our students feel empowered to actively participate in God’s community by helping those in need.

Each class is given a month to identify and select a charitable organization to support throughout the school year. Students’ grade level will determine the depth of each project. As your child progresses, their involvement in developing a project, presenting their ideas to the school, and execution of the charitable endeavor with grow as well. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in service projects to benefit members of the local community, in addition to daily lessons teaching the benefits of service. Through these projects and endless opportunities to show their love and respect for the community around them, our children are taught to help one another in the spirit of Serviam, which becomes an integral part of the fabric of their character.