Serviam Summer Programs

A hallmark of the Ursuline experience, our Serviam Summer Programs are life-changing opportunities that expand our students’ sense of community beyond our borders to places where serving others has a profound effect on the lives of those in need. Each year, students volunteer their time and energy in places far and near, where they experience first-hand the impact of poverty, environmental degradation, and other societal challenges on whole populations. Through these encounters, our students also witness first-hand the power of love, friendship, and appreciation from the families and villagers being served in these locations.
Foreign Service Trips
Our motto, Serviam, knows no boundaries. Recently, Ursuline Wilmington visited Colegio Santa Ursula, our sister school in Lima, Peru. Through this experience, our students attended class and visited local communities to better understand the daily experience for their South American peers. To expand our program, we are currently developing overseas service trips with our sister schools, similar to projects coordinated by our own students to increase international Serviam opportunities.

Habitat for Humanity
Ursuline Wilmington partnered with Habitat for Humanity to develop a program for students, once again expanding our youth service opportunities. Each summer, our students, along with students from our global network schools, work alongside each other to serve those in need of shelter and a place to call home. Ursuline Wilmington has also partnered with Ursuline New Orleans to assist in the post-Katrina rebuild efforts. This project not only allows our students to help the people of New Orleans restore their lives and livelihood but allows Ursuline students in Delaware and Louisiana to bond and build friendships based on their common values and experiences. The positive benefits of serving others not only impact our students’ self-confidence and leadership abilities but increase their sense of empathy, making service a core piece of who they are and how they live now and for life.