Special Subjects

Ursuline’s Middle School curriculum offers a variety of special subjects to give you a comprehensive academic experience and broader world view. From World Language and Fine Arts to Wellness and Leadership, we aim to educate the whole student, giving you endless opportunities to discover new personal interests and talents.

World Language
Our Middle School World Language curriculum exposes you to a variety of critically important global languages and allows you to explore and discover our extensive offerings before choosing one to study in the Upper School. As a sixth grader, you receive an introduction to four languages and cultures, including Chinese, French, Classical Greek, and Latin, as well as discuss the origin of the language, learn about the culture, and practice oral and written forms. As you enter into seventh grade, you select between three languages to study for two years: Chinese, French, or Spanish. Each class uses a combination of textbooks and technology to learn the language both in written and oral form. Each textbook lesson has accompanying internet activities, so you can research the cultures, as well as the language. During seventh grade, you cover the necessary material to equal one-half of a high school year of world language. The second half of that same language curriculum is studied in eighth grade, allowing students to earn one full year for high school credit.

Fine Arts
Our Middle School Fine Arts Program gives you the opportunity to explore and master your interest in and talent for music, drama, and visual arts. By offering you an outlet to demonstrate your musical abilities in our choral ensembles and instrumental band, our music program exposes you to topics ranging from reading and listening to music, to learning about historical periods within the music tradition. Our Program fosters a deeper appreciation of music and its importance in other academic disciplines. Through our Drama Club, you can participate in a host of dramatic performances each year and celebrate the culmination of your Middle School experience with the 8th grade play, where you learn all elements of theater production including set design, dancing, singing, and acting. If your interest is in visual art, our teachers work with you to explore art concepts including perspective, figure drawing, portraits, still life, watercolors, acrylics, printmaking, colored pencil, and collage while drawing inspiration from models throughout Art History. Every spring, your work goes on display for our Annual Day of the Arts, and our teachers select student work annually for submission to local art shows and the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards®.

Our Middle School Wellness Program, which is a required class, encompasses both health education and physical education focusing on your overall state of wellbeing and how the mind and body are interconnected. In health class, you learn how anatomical systems work together and how nutrition and fitness contribute to your health, providing you with valuable information for lifelong health and wellness. Your physical education classes support lessons from the health curriculum and include both individual and team sport skill development, including an introduction to our weight training facility and proper techniques for reducing sports-related injuries.

Ursuline’s Middle School Leadership Curriculum focuses on personal development and the creation of an authentic self within each student. Through our program, you develop confidence, personal authority, and emotional intelligence through role play and hands-on class exercises, experimenting with conflict resolution techniques, facing and responding to mistakes, and addressing distorted thinking. The Middle School Program recognizes the importance of inner discovery along the path to leadership, giving you a foundation for your Upper School experience.