Ursuline’s Upper School course offerings in Mathematics give you the technical skill set and advanced aptitude to graduate from our program and enter college as an exceptionally articulate student of mathematics in theory and practice. Our cohesive curriculum design meets your individual needs and helps you progress from one course to the next while building your confidence and fostering your enthusiasm for mathematics. By delivering our instruction in a hands-on atmosphere that integrates technology and activity, our teachers illustrate high level theory and method in concrete and practical ways that encourage your interest in math- and science- related fields.

Our curriculum offers four different levels of study to meet your individual learning needs and desire for advanced challenges in mathematics – College Prep, Accelerated College Prep, Honors, and Accelerated Honors. At every level, you meet and master advanced concepts, developing strong communication skills in mathematics using its signs, symbols, and vocabulary in reading, writing, and discussion of the material. Our curriculum emphasizes problem solving, especially the importance of logical thinking and the organization of one’s work, and teaches an awareness of the applications of mathematics to real world situations. By fostering your enthusiasm for mathematics and an appreciation for its history and interdisciplinary nature, you naturally rise to your fullest potential in our curriculum, which propels you to further your natural curiosity in science, math, engineering, and technology.

As a freshman, you are placed in one of our four tracks based on your 8th grade Math experience and score on our Algebra 1 Exit Exam, testing your abilities in basic Pre-Algebra and Algebra skills, factoring quadratic trinomials, solving systems of equations, and graphing calculator skills. Course offerings vary based on track selection and range from Algebra I to AP Calculus and AP Statistics for students in grades 9 – 12. Upon graduation, you are prepared for college mathematics and for the use of mathematics in your everyday life, including success in math-related careers and industries.