Ursuline Schools Around the World

Ursuline Academy of Wilmington is a member school of a global network of more than 100 Ursuline schools spanning the globe. Domestically, this network is represented by Ursuline Educational Services (UES), a collaborative effort of Ursuline congregations to carry their educational tradition into the future. In the spirit of St. Angela Merici, the network organization fosters education based on Gospel values and promotes the preservation and development of the Ursuline charism and mission in Ursuline-sponsored settings. For more information, please visit www.ursuline-education.com.

United States of America

Academy of Mount St. Ursula
, New York, New York (1855)

Ursuline Academy, Wilmington, Delaware (1893)

The Ursuline School, New Rochelle, New York (1897)

College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, New York (1904)

Mount Merici School, Waterville, Maine (1913)

Ursuline Academy, Dedham, Massachusetts (1946)

Ursuline Academy, New Orleans, Louisiana (1727)

Ursuline Academy, St. Louis, Missouri (1848)

Ursuline Academy, Dallas, Texas (1874)

St. Mary’s and St. Rose’s, Moscow, Idaho (1910)

Beaumont School, Cleveland Heights, Ohio (1850)

Chatfield College, St. Martin, Ohio (1971)

St. Ursula Academy, Cincinnati, Ohio (1910)

St. Ursula Academy, Toledo, Ohio (1854)

Urban Community School, Cleveland, Ohio (1968)

Ursuline Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio (1896)

St. Ursula Villa, Cincinatti, Ohio (1910)

Ursuline College, Pepper Pike, Ohio (1871)

Brescia University, Owensboro, Kentucky (1950)

Sacred Heart Academy (1877)

Sacred Heart Model School (1924)

Sacred Heart Preschool (1967)

Sacred Heart School for the Arts (1968), Louisville, Kentucky


College Lafleche de Trois-Rivieres
, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec (1969)

College Marie de l’Incarnation, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec (1935)

College Merici, Quebec City, Quebec (1930)

L’Ecole des Ursulines de Loretteville, Loretteville, Quebec (1941)

L’Ecole des Ursulines de Quebec, Quebec City, Quebec (1639)

Caribbean and Latin America

St. Ursula’s and St. Angela’s
, Bridgetown, Barbados (1894)

Central America

Colegio Union, Puebla, Mexico

South America

Colegio Nossa Senhora da Piedade
, Ilheus, Brazil (1923)

Colegio Santa Angela, Paraisopolis, Brazil (1943)

Colegio Santa Angela, Resende, Brazil

Colegio Santa Ursula, Ribeirao, Preto, Brazil (1912)

Universidade Santa Ursula, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Colegio Nossa Senhora das Merces, Salvador, Brazil (1897)

Colegio Nossa Senhora da Soledade, Salvador, Brazil

Centro de Capacitacion Maria Nys, Chiguayante, Chile

Colegio Santa Ursula, Lima, Peru (1936)

Colegio San Jose, Lima, Peru

Academia Merici, Caracas, Venezeula (1957)



College et. Lycee Jeanne d’Arc, Arras, France

College et Lycees General et Professional Jeanne d’Arc, Avallon, France

Ecole Notre Dame, Beaugency, France

Ecole, College et Lycee Sainte Ursule-Louise de Bettignies, Paris, France

Ecole Saint-Joseph, Saint-Saulve, France

Ecole, College et Lycee Largente, Bayonne, France

Ecole, College et Lycee General, Technologique et Professional La Sacre Coeur, Digne les Baines, France

Lycee Pierre Termier, Grenoble, France

Ecole Sainte Ursule and College Sainte-Marc, Lyon, France

Lycee Technologique et Post-Bac, Lyon, France

Ecole Maternelle et Primaire, College et Lycee General et Technologique Institut Familial, Montauban, France

Ecole et College Sainte Ursule, Pau, France

Ecole Saint Bernadette and College Saint Pierre, Caen, France

Lycee General et Post-Bac Jeanne d’Arc, Caen, France

Lycee Professional Sainte Ursule, Lycee Technologique Sainte Ursule + BTS et Centre de Formation, Caen, France

Ecole Primaire et Maternelle Blanche de Castille, College Blanche de Castille, Lycee Blanche de Castille, Nantes, France

College et Lycee Polyvalent – Enseignment General, Technologie et Professional Notre-Dame de Kerbertrand, Quimperle, France

College Notre-Dame Le Menimur and College de St. Ave, Vannes, France

Lycee Notre-Dame Le Menimur – Enseignement General, Technologie, Professional et Post-Bac, Vannes, France

Ecole des Ursuline, Institut de la Sainte Famille, Institut Technique des Ursulines, Mons, Belgium

St. Angela’s Ursuline School, London, England (1862)

St. Antony’s School, St. Ursula’s School, London, England

Ursuline High School, London, England (1892)

Ursuline Preparatory School, London, England (1944)

Ursuline High School & Ursuline Preparatory School, Ilford, England (1903)

Ursuline College, St. Angela’s Junior School, Westgate-on-Sea, England

Istituto Orsoline, Capriolo, Italy; Gorizia, Italy; Sesto-Calende, Italy

St. Ursula School, Klagenfurt, Austria

St. Ursula School, Salzburg, Austria

St. Ursula School, Vienna, Austria

Gymnazium Vorsily, Kutna-Hora, Czech Republic

Zakladni Skola, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Zakladni Skola, Prague, Czech Republic

Ursuline School, Krakow, Poland (1875)

Ursuline Gimnazjum, Poznan, Poland (1857)

Ursuline Lycee, Poznan, Poland (1857)

Ursuline School, Rokiciny, Poland

Ursuline Lycee and Ursuline Gimnazjum, Rybnik, Poland (1925)

Ursuline School, Siercza, Poland

Ursuline Lycee and Ursuline Gimnazjum, Wroctaw, Poland (1999)

Gymnazium sv. Ursule, Bratislava, Slovakia

Zakladna Skola Angely Merici, Trnava, Slovakia (1991)

Gymnazium Angely Merici, Trnava, Slovakia

Ecole Greco-Francaise des Ursulines, Athens, Greece (1931)

Ecole Demotique Saint-Denys l’Areopagite Ecole Maternelle des Ursulines, Maroussi, Greece

Sainte Angela Merici, Zagreb, Croatia

Orsolya Rendi Szent Angela, Budapest, Hungary

Szent Orsolya Rendi, Dombovar, Hungary

Centre Prohaszka Ottokar, Gyor, Hungary

Szebt Laszlo Szahlozepishola School, Kisvarda, Hungary

Saint Ursula, Sopron, Hungary

Angelin, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Theological/Pastoral College, Koper, Slovenia; Ljubljana, Slovenia


St. Ursula College
, Towoomba, Australia (1931)

St. Ursula College, Sydney, Australia



Stella Maris High School, Hualien, Taiwan (1959)

Wenzao Ursuline College of Modern Languages, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (1966)

Mater Dei School, Bangkok, Thailand (1928)

Regina Coeli, Chiangmai, Thailand (1932)

Sirimart Thevi School, Chiangmai, Thailand

St. Ursula High School, Hachinohe, Japan