Middle School

All-Girls, Grades 6-8

We are committed to providing a place where young girls learn, play, grow, and are empowered to take ownership of their learning. Emerging as thinkers, pioneers, citizens, and disciples, Ursuline students are confident and prepared for the next steps in their academic journey and beyond.

The focus of Ursuline is the student; her education, personal growth, spiritual development, and transformation into a trailblazer who is equipped to change the world. We understand the importance of cultivating each student’s gifts to give her the confidence necessary to reach her full potential. We are intentional about giving each student the opportunity to lead through our leadership development program and many activities.

Our faculty understand the demands young girls face during their Middle School years and how essential their role is in bridging the gap. Every classroom is a safe place for students to explore, innovate, take risks, ask questions, collaborate, and communicate. Our advisory program provides an opportunity for community building and discussion to support our girls as they develop into organized, self-advocating, and responsible students.

Finally, our girls are embraced by the powerful bond of sisterhood. The unique Ursuline sisterhood connects Ursuline students across divisions, generations, and the world, resulting in friendships that last a lifetime.