Early Childhood

Co-ed, Ages 2.5-5 Years

Our youngest students are nurtured and provided a safe place to grow and learn. Our teachers focus on educating the whole child in a faith-based, co-ed environment with a multi-sensory approach. Our Early Childhood Program integrates the core values of St. Angela Merici to lay a strong foundation for academic and social success.

  • Engages both individual and cooperative learning in a multi-age environment.
  • Presents challenging concepts through teacher and self-initiated experiences.
  • Encourages children to focus on peace when managing themselves and interactions with others.
  • Cultivates leadership and social skills, allowing each student to serve as both learners and teachers.
  • Develops self-confidence and character from the nurturing family environment our teachers create.
  • Incorporates the core values of Maria Montessori.
  • Includes five recently renovated learning spaces, including our Discovery Studio and outside classroom.
  • Delaware's only Catholic Montessori school
  • Focuses on feeding the spiritual, intellectual, social, and emotional needs of the whole child.
  • Engages in multi-sensory activities to promote exploration and foster curiosity.
  • Encourages various learning styles with open-ended activities, which enhance the depth of each student's academic understanding across various disciplines.
  • Cultivates leadership and social skills through cooperative play, collaborative activities, and daily interactions with students, teachers, and the school community.
  • Introduces children to early literacy skills through exposure to a wealth of authentic literature, reading, and writing activities.
  • Introduction to fine arts, world language, and science.
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