Performing Arts

Ursuline Academy’s Performing Arts Program provides all our students a world-class stage to explore their creativity and reflect on who they are and who they are becoming. By encouraging an appreciation for the performing arts through classroom instruction and live productions, we give our students a platform to express their voice and ideas freely, increasing their aptitude for public speaking and presentation and giving them the confidence to be global leaders.

Our Arts Department cultivates the dramatic talent that lies in all of our students, some of whom have gone on to professional careers and acting acclaim. Our Performing Arts Program allows our students to explore their acting and singing abilities while seeing the wide variety of components involved in generating a full-scale theatrical production, including set design, lighting, sound, and costume design. By giving our students the creative freedom to develop their voices at all grade levels, our Performing Arts Program nurtures and cultivates young innovators and imaginative thinkers year after year.

Lower School

The Lower School engages students in various theatrical avenues, including the delightful third grade musical (which involves sets, costumes and live music), the charming second grade Christmas Pageant (complete with live animals!), and the ever emotional and reverent Stations of the Cross presented by the fifth grade class yearly.

Middle School

In the Middle School, the 6th and 7th grade students get to experiment with skits and silent film making where they also learn about the art of foley (post production sound) as well as putting a soundtrack to their visual performance. The 8th grade musical has become one of the greatest traditions for the Middle School community. In one week, students experience every component of producing a musical and participate in every aspect of the production, including set design, make-up, lighting, costume, acting, and dancing.

Upper School

Ursuline Academy Theater students may perform in the Fall Musical, the Winter Musical at our neighboring “brother” academy-Salesianum School, or drama/Spring Musical.