Middle School

All-Girls, Grades 6-8

We are committed to providing a place where young girls learn, play, grow, and are empowered to take ownership of their learning. Emerging as thinkers, pioneers, citizens, and disciples, Ursuline students are confident and prepared for the next steps in their academic journey and beyond.

Ursuline focuses on the student, her education, personal growth, spiritual development, and transformation into a trailblazer equipped to change the world. We understand the importance of cultivating each student’s gifts to give her the confidence to reach her full potential. We are intentional about giving each student the opportunity to lead through our leadership development program and many activities.

Our faculty understands the demands young girls face during their Middle School years and how essential their role is in bridging the gap. Every classroom is a safe place for students to explore, innovate, take risks, ask questions, collaborate, and communicate. Our advisory program provides community-building and discussion opportunities to support our girls as they develop into organized, self-advocating, and responsible students.

Finally, our girls are embraced by the powerful bond of sisterhood. The unique Ursuline sisterhood connects Ursuline students across divisions, generations, and the world, resulting in friendships that last a lifetime.


Ursuline Academy’s Middle School is tailored to the needs of girls in Grades 6-8 and provides extensive curricular and co-curricular offerings.

Global Education Program

To grow as global citizens, we recognize the importance for our students to experience activities, events, programs, and services that embrace and promote multicultural views and perspectives. In the future, the Middle and Upper Schools will combine for a global service trip. An example would be the Appalachia Service Project in Tennessee, where students will partner with local families in need, spending a week helping and working alongside them to do home repairs.


All students participate in a two-day experiential learning opportunity that interests them. Each mini-mester program is designed and facilitated by an Ursuline faculty member and includes guest speakers, off-site field trips, and a unique hands-on curriculum. They have several exciting and different topics to choose from. Past topics have included the Science of Food, Baking & Frosting Techniques, Athletic Careers, Photography, Animal Science, Art & Theater, Chemistry, Astronomy, & Flower Power. Students have witnessed surgery at a Veterinary Hospital, participated in an appetizer bake-off, and created their own floral arrangements.


In the Middle School, our Advisory groups are small groups of 9-12 girls, including a mixture of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders with two faculty advisors. Students stay in the same Advisory group and with the same advisor for all three years of Middle School. Throughout the year, we discuss topics that help the students navigate the social and emotional issues unique to Middle School and strategies to help them academically. We also participate in fun team-building activities and community competitions (such as our holiday door decorating contest). It is an opportunity for the students to build a meaningful relationship with another adult outside of who they may have for homeroom or class and with students from different grade levels.

Innovation & Leadership

Our Innovation & Leadership curriculum encourages students to think outside the box to identify creative solutions to real-world problems. Ursuline students develop greater self-confidence through the many leadership opportunities available in the classroom and extra-curricular activities.

Language Arts

Students explore the elements of reading and writing in context to develop their unique ability to craft and respond to the written word. Using a student-centered approach, our curriculum ensures that each unit incorporates grammar, vocabulary exploration, literature components, and written expression.


Our math courses empower students to be exceptionally confident mathematicians. All students will study Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 during their Middle School years. Our most accelerated track includes Geometry in 8th grade.


The Science Program emphasizes science process skills through studying Life Science in 6th grade, Earth and Space Science in 7th grade, and Physical Science in 8th grade, all in an exciting and interactive environment. The recently renovated Middle School Science Lab has a live, student-designed moss wall and new state-of-the-art equipment. Students perform hands-on experiments while learning about scientific processes, problem-solving, data spreadsheets, and graphs.

World Language

The World Language curriculum introduces students to critically important global languages and invites them to explore and discover their passion through our extensive offerings. In 6th grade, the curriculum focuses on Spanish. In 7th grade, students choose between three languages to study for two years: Mandarin, French, or Spanish. This allows many students to enroll in a Level II course as a freshman.

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