Visual Arts

Along the journey in visual arts, students will experience three levels of development, each carefully designed to help them gain more comfort with art—not only the doing and making of art but also understanding art and how it reflects the world they live in.

Specifically, the three levels of development are:


In the Lower School with Mrs. Pomeroy ’02, children are immersed in new words about art, various masters, and hands-on making of art that will stimulate their senses and take full advantage of their popping imaginations!


In the Middle School with Mrs. Pomeroy ‘02, young students are moving into the areas of new mediums and approaches in art. Testing and experimenting with their ideas and how to execute work that is well considered and well presented to the viewer.


In the Upper School with Ms. Morris and Ms. Churay, young adults consider what they have to offer the world through their voices. Students are challenged to deliver a message to the world through their artwork. Taking risks and being deliberate and reflective are rewarded when the student departs the class with greater self-awareness and an appreciation for the artistic journey—mistakes and all.

Introduction to Drawing

[All Grades]

This course is for anyone who enjoys drawing or wants to learn how to draw. Previous artistic experience is not necessary. This class focuses on developing new ways of seeing and self-expression, emphasizing exploring basic skills to gain confidence in drawing. Techniques to see and draw accurately will be taught with pencil, charcoal, pastel, and ink.

Introduction to Painting

[All Grades]

In this course, students are introduced to the works and styles of master artists through a variety of painting materials, media, and approaches, including exploration and experimentation in a variety of media. Individual instruction is given to accommodate the needs of each student.

Studio Art

[All Grades]

This course examines the process of creating works of art. Hands-on projects that are long-term develop artistic skills with a variety of media and approaches. Assignments encourage exploratory thinking and creative problem solving, developing confidence and artistic knowledge. In addition, students develop and use research skills to better inform their art-making.

Introduction to Photography

[All Grades]

Intro to Digital Photography is a half-semester course focusing on understanding core concepts such as the photographic elements of art and design, fundamentals of composition, lighting, and an introduction to digital image editing techniques. Students will examine the significance of photography and the work of great photographers in the larger context of art history.

Advanced Photography

[All Grades]

Advanced Photography is a semester course for students who already know the fundamentals of photography. Emphasis will be on composition, photo editing, and the creative aspects of photography. Assignments will focus on completing thematic studies that address the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design.  This class is a prerequisite for anyone considering AP Studio Art with a photography concentration.

Clay and Sculpture

[All Grades]

This hands-on course will introduce students to clay and sculpture processes, including hand-building and sculpting with clay to produce kiln-fired and glazed pieces and the design and execution of mixed-media sculptures. Students will create sculptures through various techniques while exploring contemporary and historical sculptures.


[All Grades]

Students in this course will gain a more in-depth knowledge of ceramic techniques and practices. They will learn how to work more closely with clay and throw a variety of projects-cylinders, cups, vases, bowls, and plates. Those taking the course will learn how to reclaim old clay and “failed” projects so they can all be reused later. Everything they do will be built on the wheel, creating a unique experience and a new difficulty level.


(Seniors who have completed Pre-AP Studio Art I or Advanced Photography)

This course is the second year of preparation for an AP Studio Art Portfolio. Instruction will be provided through technique demonstration, critique, and various resources. Working closely with the instructor in selection of projects, media, and materials, students are given individualized direction. Completion of a portfolio involves purposeful decision-making about how to use the Elements and Principles in innovative and integrated ways. Students are asked to demonstrate proficiency in 2-D design in various forms, including graphic design, typography, printmaking, photography, weaving, illustration, painting, etc. Quality must be evidenced through concept, composition, and technical skills. Senior students submit works to Scholastics Art & Writing Awards.

AP Art History

(Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors)

Advanced Placement Art History is a year-long study of the global artistic traditions found within ten content areas ranging from global prehistory to the global contemporary world. Building on 250 core works that represent the exemplars of global artistic traditions, students learn how people have responded to and communicated their experiences through art making. Students are encouraged to “see” works of art and develop skills in visual, contextual, and comparative analysis.