Art At Ursuline

Love the Art in You

Ursuline Academy's Visual & Performing Arts Program offers an exceptional art curriculum that focuses on developing essential skills-building, designing, and learning through a process-based approach that utilizes technology, the study of visual and performing arts history, aesthetics, and the development of critical thinking. 

The arts are an integral part of the academic experience, providing students with the opportunity to develop their skills and cultural intelligence, foster teamwork, develop creative problem-solving skills and the capacity to lead at all grade levels. The program is open to all students and their unique learning styles.


Creativity takes courage, and our arts faculty strives daily to encourage students to unleash their imaginations, voices, and heartfelt sounds. Opportunities in the arts abound within our hallways, stages, and classrooms. This is the perfect place to learn from professionals in the arts, hone your emerging skills, and challenge your intellect to produce and share part of yourself with the world.