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Arts Hall of Fame Inductees

Ursuline Academy is proud to announce the inductees of the 2020 Arts Hall of Fame. These individuals have brought distinction to our school through their talents as demonstrated in the performing arts, art education, visual arts, fine arts, media, creative writing, and communication arts. They instill the tradition of excellence rooted in Serviam and the Catholic faith and exemplify characteristics of Ursuline including leadership, service, and commitment to the community.

  • Susan Benarcik ’84 – Fine Artist/Sculptor
  • Kay Cosgrove ’03 – Poet
  • Sr. St. Bernard Giroux, OSU – Former Ursuline Art Teacher
  • Terry Olmedo Healy ’68 – Volunteer of the Arts
  • Margaret Scott Kincannon ’58 – Sculptor 
  • Marie Weaver ’70 – Print-maker/Sculptor/Graphic Design

We congratulate each of our inductees for their determination, dedication, and service to the community.