Ursuline Academy’s music program provides our students with an outstanding education in vocal and instrumental instruction and performance through a variety of unique and enriching opportunities starting at age 3. Our music program exposes our learners to the world of music and sound in a way that fosters a deep love of the arts and reveals its sacred ability to heal and unite people throughout the world.


Lower School Band

Ursuline Academy’s Lower School Band program begins in the 4th grade. Students are introduced to wind and percussion instruments during an engaging “petting zoo” format. Each child is given the opportunity to try out different instruments with guidance from Mrs. Walton to help determine the best fit.

During the summer, a beginner band camp is offered to establish a strong foundation. Throughout the school year the students will meet twice a week with Mrs. Walton during the school day—once for a private/group lesson and another for full band rehearsal. The ensemble will participate in up to four performances yearly.

Middle School Band

Ursuline Academy’s Middle School Band program is open to all 6th – 8th grade students with or without instrumental music background.  Students at this level are building off their foundation and challenged to expand their knowledge of music fundamentals, as well as to grow in the areas of sight-reading, rhythm, abstract musical concepts, and performance.

Students meet with Mrs. Walton twice a week throughout the year – once for a private/group lesson and another for a full band rehearsal. The Middle School Band will participate in up to four performances yearly.

Upper School Band

The Upper School Band program offers two outstanding ensembles for students to explore. If a student is looking for a larger wind or symphonic band experience, they can enroll in our 1st period exchange class with Salesianum. Transportation to our local “brother” school is provided for all band students. Salesianum offers a full array of instrumental possibilities from Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, and Pit Orchestra. Another option for students in the Upper School is to enroll in the 725 Chamber Group. This is an exceptional ensemble of string players that perform at various concerts on and off campus throughout the course of the year. Players engaged in this ensemble play at an extremely high level of musicianship.

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Lower School

Students in Early Childhood through 5th grade participate in heart-warming productions including the Christmas Concert and Pageant, Grandparents Day, Recorder Concert, and many other enchanting events.

Middle School Choir

Choir is mandatory for all Middle School students. By encouraging full participation in the middle school choral program, students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and explore music in a creative, informal setting. Through singing, students strengthen many of their communication skills including public speaking and overall confidence in front of an audience. Students build upon their choral experiences from 6th through 8th grade and complete their journey with a capstone project called the 8th Grade Musical. In one full week, students experience every component of producing a musical and take part in every aspect of the production including set-design, make-up, lighting, costume, acting, and dancing. The 8th grade musical has become one of the greatest traditions for the Middle School community.

Upper School Choir

The Upper School Choir meets before school every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Students practice for school and community performances, including local concerts. Performances are often times accompanied by professional orchestras and have included performances of large choral works including cantatas and masses. Their “brother school” choristers join students on Tuesday evenings for a more traditional SATB repertoire. Each year the choir takes a trip to New York City for a performance in a local church followed by a broadway show.

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