Beyond UA Athletics

Many student-athletes go on to pursue their athletic careers beyond Ursuline Academy. The successful transition to both college level academics and athletics requires a coordinated and supported effort between the student, the family, and the school. For Upper School students who are considering competing at the college level, the first step is to consult the “Guide for the College-Bound Athlete” on the NCAA Clearinghouse Website.

Your counselor is available to help you in the process of registering with the NCAA Clearinghouse, which is the organization that makes sure all college-bound student athletes have met the necessary academic requirements to participate in athletics at the college level. The NCAA Clearinghouse website is a fantastic resource for better understanding the eligibility requirements, athletic recruiting rules and regulations, and what competing at the Division I, II, or III level entails. Ursuline Academy’s rigorous curriculum helps ensure that our students will meet eligibility requirements. Your counselor is also here to talk with you about the role athletics will play in your college search.

The Ursuline Academy Athletic Department also provides information to our student-athletes regarding NCAA eligibility, athletic recruiting, and Division I, II, and III athletic programs. Students may also contact their coaches for further information about specific sports programs, conferences, and levels of competition.

Raiders in College

Class of 2022 Chloe Bethea-Jones Syracuse University Lacrosse
Mackenzie Brandt University of Alabama Swimming
Ella Gordon Cabrini University Basketball
Sophie Maguire Bowdoin College Track & Field
Rory Monahan The Catholic University of America Lacrosse
Anna Pryor Lafayette College Cross Country & Track & Field
Maddie Weathers Oberlin College Lacrosse
Class of 2021 Avery Brown Merrimack College Volleyball
Lexi Goff Campbell University Lacrosse
Alaina McGonigle Cornell University Cross Country & Track & Field
Alli Popham Colgate University Soccer
Emily Rzucidlo University of Richmond Cross Country & Track & Field
Heyli Velasquez University of Virginia Volleyball
Class of 2020 Corinne Furey Harvard University Volleyball
Mia Gifford Millersville University Lacrosse
Caroline Knight Salisbury University Lacrosse
Cassidy Markel Florida Southern College Volleyball
Alexandra McSorley University of Delaware Track & Field
Kylie Nocket Franklin & Marshall College Volleyball
Emma Popham Dickinson College Volleyball
Maxine String Jacksonville University Lacrosse
Kaleigh White Washington College Basketball
Class of 2019 Riley Alexander Bryn Mawr College Lacrosse
Jordan Baerge Liberty University Lacrosse
Courtney Brown Jacksonville University Crew
Moira Carroll University of Delaware Lacrosse
Jordan Kenney Frostburg State University Lacrosse
Sophia McAneny-Droz University of Delaware Swimming
Brigid Monahan Washington College Lacrosse
Abigail Rzucidlo University of Scranton Volleyball
Kay Wulah Eastern University Basketball
Class of 2018 Maggie Connolly Princeton University Basketball
Najiya Cornish University of Akron Track & Field
Valerie Cradler Temple University Lacrosse
Sam Davis University of Delaware Volleyball
Heidi Dickson Seton Hall University Swimming
Olivia Mason Niagara University Basketball
Erin McGrellis University of Redlands Swimming
Morgan Truitt Cabrini College Volleyball
Class of 2017 Lindsay Brown York College Basketball
Marie Dickson Michigan State University Swimming
Kryshell Gordy Shippensburg University Basketball
Julia Hallman Washington College Softball
Kiara Stovall Manor College Basketball
Allison Thomas Ursinus College Swimming
Class of 2016 Erin Davis Saint Leo University Lacrosse
Alyssa Irons Southern Connecticut State University Basketball
Alex Perna University of Delaware Crew
Sophia Simoes Ursinus College Track & Field
Class of 2015 Emily Blaszkow Ursinus College Lacrosse
Adrianna Hahn Villanova University Basketball
Rachel Greene Bryn Mawr College Track & Field
Maddie Hughes Franklin and Marshall College Lacrosse
Lindsay Russell Washington College Soccer
Courtney Wallace Loyola University Cross Country, Track & Field
Class of 2014 Laura Hurff Syracuse University Field Hockey
Nicole Farina Gettysburg University Swimming
Kennedy Wong University of Pennsylvania Track & Field
Class of 2013 Mary Abram University of Delaware Lacrosse
Mary Aleixo University of Delaware Soccer
Taylor Hollingsworth University of Delaware Volleyball
Mary Leneweaver Franklin and Marshall College Volleyball
Lindsay Wong University of South Carolina Upstate Soccer