Special Subjects

Focused on educating the whole child, our Early Childhood Program offers a series of Special Subjects geared towards giving your child the opportunity to explore different languages, technology, fine arts, literature and wellness, starting at three years old.

World Languages and Cultures
Through our Spanish and Chinese language and culture programs, your child will have the ability to recognize basic vocabulary and have exposure to different global cultures. Our Spanish World Language Program aids in English language comprehension from exposure to Latin-based root words, while our Chinese program introduces your child to new tonal and character aspects of language, creating different pathways for enhanced brain cognition. Additionally, our program teaches your child the fundamentals of two vital languages, of which comprehension provides a competitive advantage for our students in today’s global society. Cultural immersion includes introduction to holidays and festivals, crafts, folk dance, and musical instruments, and language skills including greetings, numbers, colors, body and face parts, sizes, and animals.

With our award-winning laptop program in the Middle and Upper Schools, Ursuline is an educational trailblazer in embedding technology into our curriculum, even with our youngest learners. Our computer classes help your child develop a basic understanding of popular software programs. Technology is integrated into educational learning games, which builds on an early foundation of skills and helps our students adapt to the rapidly changing world of technology.

Fine Arts
Starting at three years old, our teachers introduce your child to the principles of design and elements of art through our Fine Arts Program. This special curriculum encourages our students to develop a true appreciation for the arts and a sense of pride in their creative expression. By creating original works of art, your child will develop greater self-confidence, which translates to greater achievement in all aspects of learning.

As your child develops their reading skills in our classrooms, our library information program reinforces lessons through reading appreciation and storytelling. Our librarians teach character, setting, and storyline comprehension, as well as proper library etiquette, while exposing your child to the excitement and adventure of classic stories, spurring independent and advanced learning.

Gym class introduces your child to the importance of fitness and wellness, with fun and challenging indoor and outdoor activities throughout the year. Our teachers lay the foundation for a lifetime appreciation of physical fitness and develop both fine and gross motor coordination for our youngest students.

Music (M3, M4 & Pre-K)
The Early Childhood Music Program at Ursuline lays the groundwork for the development of your child’s creative abilities. Through daily lessons and performance, your child expresses creativity through dance, song, and musical instruments as they explore instruments from around the world, developing music appreciation and enhanced brain development at a young age. By the end of the year, your child will be able to identify the four families of instruments and have had exposure to a vast array of musical genres.

Music (M5 & Kindergarten)
Your child will expand their creative abilities through participation in four different school performances. At the end of the school year, your child will perform a 30-minute concert featuring song, dancing, and instrumental performances on the recorder and xylophone, which establish greater fine motor coordination and improve handwriting skills. These performances also provide your child the unique opportunity to present their musical abilities for an audience, which increase your child’s poise, self-confidence, and public speaking skills. Each child learns on Suzuki© instruments, which facilitates musical comprehension and performance abilities in the young beginner.