The motto of all Ursuline Schools is Serviam, Latin for “I will serve.” It has been cultivated at Ursuline Wilmington since we opened our doors in 1893. It’s a way to deepen your concern for others and turn it into meaningful action. It’s a calling to use your unique gifts and talents to help those in need. It’s an attitude and a spirit that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Lower School

In our Lower School, your child takes ownership of Serviam projects and experiences firsthand the joy of giving to those in need through responsible project management. Our Lower School Serviam Program features a series of projects that are chosen, developed, and executed by each individual grade in an assigned month, which not only empowers our students to be the change they want to see in the world but turns the project into a personal investment of service.

The students at each grade level research the mission and needs of charities or organizations they can help and collectively choose, as a class, one group that particularly interests them. The class then conducts in-depth research on how they can help their chosen group and develops a plan, in conjunction with their teacher, to develop a service project to the benefit of those in need. Once the plan has been executed and the goals have been met, the class presents their research, work, and results to the entire Lower School, so they can educate the whole school on the merits of their chosen organization and inspire other students to do the same. The project structure gives our students the age-appropriate parameters to truly make a difference in the community around them, which promotes a sense of empathy for others and fosters the spirit of leadership instilled in all Ursuline students.

Over the years, our students have assisted countless charities, raised thousands of dollars to benefit local organizations, and improved the lives of those in need of a little Ursuline spirit. Whether it is writing letters to soldiers overseas, hosting fundraisers for children in Haiti, or visiting with local seniors to deliver some holiday cheer, your child learns how to lead a charitable effort, execute a plan, and deliver on the goals of the project. By giving selflessly of themselves, our students receive an increase of self-respect, self-awareness, and self-satisfaction tenfold.

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Middle School

Our Middle School students are full of energy and compassion and this is exactly how our girls respond to their call for service – with vigor and empathy. The Middle School Serviam program is continually evolving and changing to best serve the needs of our changing world and opportunities are student-led to ensure relevance, engagement, and diversity. Our staff and faculty challenge and support you in presenting project ideas based on your personal interests and organization affiliations, which not only benefit the population you serve but also expands your classmates’ knowledge of the great variety of needs that exist in our community. All of our service events foster a deep appreciation of the love and opportunity that exists in your life and instills a sense of social service, which ultimately becomes a part of the fabric of who you are as an Ursuline student and leader.

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Upper School

In the Upper School, service is encouraged and cultivated in numerous ways. The aim is to engage the students so that they learn to recognize a need. They are inspired as they become increasingly aware they have the ability to impact change. Their problem solving skills develop as they work together to meet the needs of others. Students are exposed to service opportunities as a class, through a club, or as a sports team. Service is a component of membership in the National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, and National Art Honor Society.

Students live out the spirit of Serviam by assisting more than 50 nonprofits each year in providing services to their clients and those in need. Local agencies and organizations that partner with Ursuline Students include Ministry of Caring’s Guardian Angel Child Care Center, St. Patrick’s Center, Special Olympics, Ronald McDonald House, area hospitals, nursing homes, and daycare centers, among many others.

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