The House System

Our Ursuline education is rooted in tradition, community, and innovation. Our global experiences have allowed us to witness the power of community built by the rich tradition of the House System at some of our sister schools. In September of 2017, we launched and officially inducted the first members of the Ursuline community into our new House System. The goal of this House System is to provide an opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and alumnae to build community, promote unity, and create new traditions.

Our House System organizes our students, faculty, staff, and alumnae into three houses: Points, Novas, and Caps. Each house is based on one of Ursuline’s founding patron saints; St. Angela Merici, St. Ursula, and St. Marie of the Incarnation. Each house incorporates colors and symbols related to their saint’s history and house groupings will be determined by high school graduation year. Students are inducted into their houses beginning in Montessori 5/Kindergarten and will remain lifelong members.

M3 and M4 students will be recognized as our Little Skippers. Throughout their years as Montessori students, children will be included in many of our House System activities before being formally inducted into their permanent houses.

In time, the House System will be formally introduced to our alums, as well. Graduation years are included below so our alums can identify their House.

The Points
Patron Saint: St. Ursula
Symbols: Arrows & Bear
Colors: Red & White


The Novas
Patron Saint: St. Angela Merici
Symbols: Stars & Lion
Colors: Black & Silver


The Caps
Patron Saint: St. Marie of the Incarnation
Symbols: Compass & Otter
Colors: Blue & White


The Little Skippers
M3 & M4 Students
Symbols: Anchor
Colors: Red, White, & Blue
These students will be inducted into their permanent house when they reach M5/Kindergarten.