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Sam Hunsinger
Extended Day & Auxilliary Program Manager
302.658.7158, ext. 6251

June 28 – July 2 & August 2 – 7

9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

June 28 – July 2: Eating Around the World ($375/week)
Join us for a culinary excursion as we explore various cuisines from around the globe. Our journey will take us through Latin America, Italy, Spain, Greece and Thailand. Not only will campers be sampling these cuisines, but they will be the chefs! This camp will inspire these budding culinary artists interested not just in cooking and food preparation, but also to expand their palette with foods they might not ordinarily consume. Each day we will “visit” a different region and prepare several dishes from that area. Campers will put together their own “scrapbook” throughout the week, including pictures and recipes of the foods they have created, so that they can enjoy making them again for family and friends at home.

August 2 – 7: Eating the Rainbow ($375/week)
In this week of camp, we will focus on the importance of getting lots of vibrant, colorful foods into our daily diets. With a strong emphasis on raw fruits and vegetables, we will start with identifying and taste testing MANY specimens. Campers will be asked to identify the contents of smoothies based on the color and taste — they might be surprised by some of their findings. We will also learn to make delicious dips to accompany fresh veggies. We will spend one day learning to prepare a vegetarian meal, as well as a day on healthy snacking (think homemade salsa, baked sweet potato chips). This camp will also include some element of growing their own food, which is a foundation for health. Campers will put together a notebook throughout the week that will include pictures, recipes, artwork and special food projects.

Contact us with any questions or for additional information! 302.658.7158

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