Global Education

Build community wherever you go.
St. Angela Merici

Ursuline Academy commits to educating global leaders focusing on the Ursuline mission through active service, intellectual enrichment, co-curricular programs both locally and abroad, sister school relationships, and other global partnerships. Ursuline Academy is a member of the Global Network of Ursuline Schools representing more than 105 Ursuline schools throughout the world all founded on the principles of St. Angela Merici.

At all grade levels, students engage in a variety of transformative experiences, which help them grow in global competence. As they get to know and touch the realities of other cultures, they gain a new appreciation for different perspectives and a better understanding of what it means to be a citizen of the world. They also have the opportunity to share a unique sisterhood with students around the globe.

By offering many unique opportunities to engage with people, ideas, and issues beyond the borders of our state and country, we foster a deep sense of social consciousness integral to our Serviam mission and instill greater levels of confidence, empathy, and humility in each of our students.


Lower School

With our youngest students, Ursuline Academy Lower School focuses on increasing your child’s awareness of news and cultural events in other parts of the world and how they affect their peers living in those areas. Your child gains an increased sense of partnership and empathy for people in places much different from home, which instills an understanding of our global society at a young age and increases interest in political science and world events.

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Middle School

Our Middle School Global Education Curriculum continues to expand your worldview and builds more partnerships and friendships with other Ursuline students here in the United States and beyond. In addition to your expanded exposure to different languages and cultures through our World Language curriculum and world events through your Social Studies courses, you connect with Ursuline students who are just like you both throughout the country and on the other side of the world. By seeing events and traditions through their eyes, you gain a more diverse perspective on everything from natural disasters to political events to holiday celebrations.

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Upper School

Ursuline Upper School students further their global citizenship through activities, events, programs, and services that embrace and promote multicultural views and perspectives.  From the local community in our classroom where our students Skype with peers from across the globe to serving as a delegate on one of our many domestic and international exchange trips, Ursuline students engage with and learn from a worldwide network of sister schools and global partnerships. This rich international exchange program invites all students to immerse themselves by connecting on virtual projects, serving as host families for visiting students as well as representing Ursuline as a delegate on exchange trips.

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Global Scholars Program

Ursuline participates as a founding member of the Ursuline Education Network (UEN) Global Scholars Program; a 4-year program designed to highlight our students who have demonstrated a strong interest in international topics and global studies. To receive this distinction, students complete requirements in coursework, co-curricular activities, service learning, and cultural literacy throughout their four years at Ursuline. Nominees for this distinction present their experiences in a culminating capstone presentation in the winter of their senior year. Colleges and universities recognize this program as a significant selection criterion in the college admissions process.

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