VirtUAl Learning

While we look forward to returning to campus this fall, here’s a look at what Virtual Learning looked like for Ursuline this past spring

Here’s what our students, parents, and faculty had to say about VirtUAl Learning:


“I have been able to get outside a lot more and spend lots of time with my family. It has also made me find a new sense of appreciation for the technology we have and the lengths teachers will go to make sure we are ready for next year.” – Ragan, 10th Grade

“Despite the lack of in person communication with our classmates and teachers, I have noticed the connection within our school grow stronger, as we are all going through the same struggles. I think this pandemic has allowed us to recognize how much we love and value Ursuline. I personally love the “Wednesday Night In” activities we have each week. It’s a great way to keep everyone busy and balance the sisterhood from our homes.” – Sammi, 11th Grade


“Watching my daughter standing with her class doing the pledge and morning prayer, keeping the little ones in routine has been so important.”

“Hearing teachers sign off with “I love you all” just melts my heart to know how loved and cared UA students are.”

“Seeing Ms. Buono do a one-on-one math lesson with my daughter because she had trouble understanding the days work.”

“All the amazing events that take place after school hours such as paint nights, trivia nights and sports assemblies to help keep the students connected.”

“All the teaches working so hard to keep our children learning and feel happy and loved!”


“I have been immensely impressed by the resilience of our UA community! During a time of a lot of “firsts”, our community has approached this new type of learning with determination, flexibility, and grace. We have supported one another emotionally and connected with one another through many “virtual” social activities. We are strong because we all have worked together to best meet the needs of our students.”

“During this time, I have been the most proud when I have seen students tapping into their creativity and curiosity. Rather than being overcome by the shortcomings of this experience, I have seen students use this as an opportunity to dive deeper with the material or stretch themselves to produce their very best work.”

“I am most proud of our students and their families…no one could have ever expected this to happen or to continue as long as it has. They have responded with understanding, compassion, smiles, and praise. No matter what we have asked them to help with, they have handled it all! Bravo to the UA community. There is nowhere I’d rather do virtUAl learning than this school.”