Visual Arts

Along the journey in visual arts, students will experience three levels of development each carefully designed to help them to gain more of a comfort-level with art—not only the doing and making of art, but understanding art and how it reflects the world they live in.

Specifically, the three levels of development are:


EXPLORATION:  In the Lower School with Mrs. Pomeroy ’02, children are immersed in new words about art, various masters, and hands-on making of art that will stimulate their senses and take full advantage of their popping imaginations!

GROWTH:  In the Middle School with Ms. Morris, young students are moving into the areas of new mediums and approaches in art. Testing and experimenting with their own ideas and how to execute work that is well considered and well presented to the viewer.

DISCOVERY:  In the Upper School with Mrs. McNichol, Ms. Churay, and Ms. Morris, young adults consider what they have to offer the world through their own personal voice. Students are challenged to deliver a message to the world through their artwork. Taking risks and being deliberate and reflective are rewarded when the student departs the class with greater self-awareness and an appreciation for the artistic journey—mistakes and all.