Julian H. Booker

Julian was born in Wilmington, Delaware where he attended Tatnall School through 10th grade, and graduated from Thomas McKean High School. He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from the University of Delaware.


His career began as an on-air performer while in college. Upon graduation, Julian moved into several full time on-air and programming positions in Wilmington, Philadelphia and Detroit for companies including Greater Media, Lin Broadcasting and Metromedia. In June of 1993 he became the President/CEO of Delmarva Broadcasting Company. Delmarva Broadcasting owns and operates eleven radio stations throughout the Delmarva Peninsula and an Interactive and Internet content, design and digital marketing solutions division. He retired from that position in July 2015.


Julian is now the Executive Director of SmartDrive Foundation, Inc. In 2004, he founded ”SmartDrive”, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the driving skills of teen drivers. SmartDrive is an online, in-school and in-vehicle program that teaches responsibility, accountability and maturity to new drivers. It creates incentive by offering post-secondary scholarships and other awards to top performing students. Delaware students can also earn insurance discounts. Over 140,000 students in more than 120 schools in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and South Carolina have been involved with at least one of the driver safety activities.


Julian married Susan Nicholson of Wilmington, DE in 1976. Susan is a former campus minister at Ursuline Academy in Wilmington and now serves as the Board Secretary and grant writer of the SmartDrive Foundation. Julian and Susan have two children, Hilary, a 2001 graduate of Ursuline Academy, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies from The University Delaware, a Master’s degree in International Peace Studies from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, and a PhD in Environmental Studies at Antioch University, and Julian, a graduate of Salesianum School in Wilmington, and of Temple University with a Bachelor’s degree in English.