Lower School

Co-ed, Grades 1-5

Students expand upon the foundation set in Early Childhood to become independent learners in a personalized, co-ed environment. Small class sizes enable teachers to engage and challenge your child to grow academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Primary: Grades 1-3

  • Embraces the core values of St. Angela as they learn the importance of responsibility and service.
  • Formulates creative solutions using innovation and higher level thinking skills.
  • Develops stronger reading and writing skills which increases academic mastery across all subject areas through an integrated and balanced literacy program.
  • Becomes an effective communicator through public speaking and a comprehensive writing program.
  • Expands their knowledge of number sense, computation, and problem solving and begins to solve more complex mathematical tasks.
  • Builds leadership skills through personal relationships, cooperation, and social awareness.

Intermediate: Grades 4-5

  • Embraces leadership opportunities by being positive role models for others, serving those in our community, and leading the Lower School in a variety of ways to make a positive impact.
  • Strengthens problem solving skills and learns to analyze, synthesize, think critically, appreciate diverse
    perspectives, and collaborate with others.
  • Becomes a proficient reader who excels in written communication through a comprehensive literacy
    program, including individualized instruction and group novel study.
  • Gains confidence and models the spirit of Serviam as they live the core values of St. Angela.
  • Expands the understanding for both concrete and abstract concepts to help increase interest and aptitude for success in both math and science based fields.
  • Nurtures intellectual curiosity through open-ended exploration across content areas.