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A school for growth, Ursuline Academy’s Lower School integrates a variety of subject offerings with a harmonious and inviting classroom environment for the development of the whole child. In our primary grades, students expand upon the foundation set in early childhood to become independent learners in a personalized, co-educational environment. By fostering innate leadership skills and identifying academic strengths, our teachers strive to ensure successful comprehension of offerings such as language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, religion, world languages and fine arts enrichment.

Our intermediate students deepen their intellectual and social development, while strengthening problem solving and gaining deeper understanding of concepts as students become involved, responsible participants in their own learning. Our students learn to analyze, synthesize and think critically, listen carefully and ask questions, appreciate diverse perspectives, and cooperate and collaborate with others. Our intermediate students gain confidence and model the spirit of Serviam as they develop into student leaders in the Lower School.


Language Arts

Ursuline Academy uses a balanced literacy approach to language arts. This approach enables students to learn literacy skills through a combination of phonics and whole language. The students are engaged in lessons designed to meet their individual learning by providing early invention or enrichment as needed. The lessons are designed to teach specific strategies for students to use while reading and writing independently.

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Ursuline Academy utilizes the Pearson Envision math series. Students in all grade levels incorporate basic math skills while extending their understanding of concepts through reasoning and critical thinking skills. The curriculum encourages a deeper understanding of number sense and mathematical practices. Lessons are designed to incorporate a variety of strategies to learn concepts, including use of manipulatives, interactive whiteboards, small group practice, and individual practice. The small class size enables our teachers to design lessons based on the needs of each child.

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Our science program encourages students at every level to use investigative skills to learn about biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science. Our youngest students are encouraged to ask questions and make discoveries through hands-on activities. Our older students extend their scientific knowledge by incorporating the scientific method through laboratory experiments.

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Social Studies

History comes alive in the classroom through engaging and interactive lessons. Students explore our nation and our world using a variety of resources to learn history, geography, and culture. They understand the need to be true citizens in our world.

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Our students are part of a wonderful community at Ursuline Academy where Catholic teachings are woven into our day. In the tradition of St. Angela Merici, our students embody the spirit of Serviam and strengthen their relationship with God through prayer, liturgies, and an understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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World Language

Our Spanish Language Program prepares your child for dual language fluency and the incorporation of Spanish into your child’s daily program enables your child to not only foster an appreciation of another culture but also increases your child’s reading comprehension.

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Visual & Performing Arts

Our Arts Program prepares your child for participation in and mastery of creative expression in music, drama, dance, and visual art. Our Visual and Performing Arts Department provides a safe and comfortable space for your child to explore, discover, and reveal creative talents, which not only offers a host of healthy self-image benefits, but often uncovers exceptional gifts worth sharing.


Visual Arts

Visual art classes in our Lower School provide an understanding of the elements of design and encourage your child to explore various avenues of creative expression, which instills an appreciation for the arts at a young age. Artwork is displayed throughout the Lower School and each student’s work is highlighted in a gallery-like setting during our Evening of the Arts.

Performing Arts

Our performing arts program helps your child master basic proficiency in demonstrating the elements of music through singing, dancing, and instrumental play and provides a stage for both musical and dramatic performances throughout the year. Our curriculum expands your child’s exposure to the endless opportunities for artistic expression through both group and individual activities, including choral performances, an introduction to dance choreography, and band, among others. Our Performing Arts teachers also work individually with students who show an interest or proficiency in any of our artistic disciplines.

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The balanced curriculum of our wellness program supports the development of the whole child – a hallmark of an Ursuline education.  Our Physical Education curriculum incorporates lessons of sportsmanship, fairness, and cooperation into an environment of play and fitness where students learn a variety of sports and fitness skills while mastering concepts of teamwork and personal goal setting.  Our Health & Wellness curriculum focuses on physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as personal health and safety.

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